Guangwen Xu

Foreign member of AINU

Dr. Guangwen Xu, President / Chair professor of Shenyang University of
Chemical Technology (SYUCT), Director of Key Laboratory on Resources
Chemicals and Material of Ministry of Education, and also of the Institute on
Ind. Chemistry and Energy of Liaoning Higher Education Institutions, Adjunct
professor of Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of
Sciences (CAS).

He graduated from Tsinghua University for his Double Bachelor degrees in Enginnering  and Economics in 1991, and from Chinese Academy of Sciences for his Doctor in Enginnering in 1996. He has worked as the vice president and president of SYUCT since 2017, the director of Southwest Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry in 2015-2017, a professor and a team leader in IPE of CAS in 2006-2015, and a senior researcher in Japan and Germany in 1996-2006, including a senior researcher in IHI Corporation, Ltd. (Japan) in 2004-2006, an AvH fellow in Technical University Hamburg Harburg in 2003-2204, a NEDO fellow in AIST in 2000-2003, and a foreign researcher in Gunma Univ. in 1996-2000. His expertise includes fluidization and particle technologies, thermochemical conversion of fuels, gas-solid reaction analysis, flue gas denitration, syngas methanation and calcination of carbinate ores like magnesite. As the chair scientist or project leader, he has undertaken tens of national and international grant projects for scientific researches and technical developments. By far, he has published more than 350 papers and one monograph about fuel decoupling thermochemical conversion, applied for more than 130 patents including above 20 international patents approved. His papers published have received citations of more than 8000 times, leading to a personal h-index of 46.

He and his team have also successfully developed and commercialized a fewfuel conversion and environment protection technologies to efficiently utilize biomass wastes such as spirit lees and Chinese herb residues, and to clean flue
gas (NOx removal particularly) emitted in coal conversion or burning furnaces such as coking and sintering ovens. For the first time in the world he has proposed, developed and commercialized the reaction analysis approach and instruments using micro fluidized bed as the micro reactor. He has also invented a new pyrolysis reactor called “moving bed with internals” to produce high-quality pyrolysis liquid with high yield even at heating temperatures above 1000 ℃, and this proposal has patented in about 10 different countries including USA, Canada, Russia and Australia. The application of his developed technologies has resulted in more than 150 sets of industrial plants or research instruments.

Up to the end of 2020 the total economic value generated from the technology application has reached 4000 million RMB. The applied new technologies are guaranteeing the clean production of a total annual economic value around 300 billion RMB. Thus, the innovative technologies developed by his team have greatly contributed the economy and environment of the society, especial to the industries of iron steel, coking, cement, spirits, medicine and meganesite utilization. He has founded and worked as an editor-in-chief of the journals Carbon Resources Conversion (CRC) and Resources Chemicals and Materials (RCM), and now he is an editorial board member of Biomass conversion and Biorefinery and a few Chinese Journals. He has presented more than 70 invited reports or lectures in various conferences / symposiums or academic visits, and has been awarded 8 scientific / technical prizes in the First Class by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liaoning Province, Sichuan Province, China Petroleum and Chemical Industries Federation (CPCIF), and a few other national Societies of China. Of them, he is the first awardee almost for all the awards.

Honors and awards

⚫ 2020, China Petroleum and Chemical Industries Federation (CPCIF) Technology Invention Award (First Class): “Development of structured denitration catalyst with wide-temperature activity and its application to deep cleanup of complicated flue gas exhausted from industrial ovens”.

⚫ 2019, Liaoning Provincial Technology Invention Award (First Class): “Fundamentals and Technologies of Staged Thermal Comversion Based on Reaction Decoupling for Solid Fuels”.

⚫ 2019, Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award (First Class): “New Methods and Instruments of Reaction Chracrization and Gas Online Analysis for Process Industry”.

⚫ 2019, Science and Technology Award of China National Light Industry Council (First Class): “Staged Gasification Combustion Technology and Equipment Based on Reaction Decoupling for Biomass Waste”.

⚫ 2019, Science and Technology Award of China Instrument and Control Society (First Class): “Micro Fluidized Bed Reaction Measurement Instrument and Analysis Techniques”.

⚫ 2017, National Excellent Petent Award “Gas-solid Reaction Kinetics Analyzer”, by State Inttelectual Property Office of China.

⚫ 2014, Golden Award of Indigenous Innovation “MS-integrated Micro Fluidized Bed

Reaction Analyzer”, by Twelfth China International Scientific Instrument and Experimental Apparatus Exhibition.

⚫ 2013, Chair Scientist of National Basic Research Program, Leading the project

“Fundamentals of Process Energy Saving for High-efficiency Oil Shale Refinery”.

⚫ 2010, Science and Technology Award of China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA Award, First Class): “Micro Fluidized Bed Reaction Analysis Approach and Instrument”, by China Association for Instrumental Analysis. Page

⚫ 2010, Innovation Golden Award of Eighth China International Scientific Instrument and Experimental Apparatus Exhibition, for Micro Fluidized Bed Reaction Analyzer.

⚫ 2010, Best Paper Award, Isothermal and differential characteristics of the reaction in a micro fluidized bed reactor (Jian Yu, Xi Zeng, Junrong Yue, Tony Li, Qiang Li, Guangwen Xu), Second International Symposium on Gasification and Its Applications, Fukuoka, Japan.

⚫ 2008, Best Student Paper Award (supervised student), First International Symposium on Gasification and Its Applications, Shanghai, China.

⚫ 2003, China Excellent Invention Award, for Patent “Method and Apparatus of NOx-Suppressed Coal Smokeless Combustion”.

⚫ 2001, Invention Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (First Class), for “NOx-Suppressed Coal Smokeless Combustion Technology and Equipment”.

⚫ 1996, Baogang Education Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, for excellent Doctoral Thesis of Chinese Academy of Sciences.